Within every truth lies a shadow of doubt…

Set at a Catholic school in the Bronx in 1964, this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play concerns a strict headmistress with exacting standards who believes that in order for students to be prepared for the harsh world, her teachers must use discipline rather than compassion. She comes to suspect a new priest of sexually abusing a student, but some doubt remains, and she cannot prove her allegations. If she charges him, she will certainly destroy his career, and perhaps her own. She questions an idealistic young nun and the mother of the accused boy, the first black student ever admitted to the school.

This thought-provoking story leaves us with questions about what has—and should have—happened, who is right or wrong, and the nature of faith and love. Audiences will debate the issues of the play long after it has ended.

“The best new play of the season.  That rarity of rarities, an issue-driven play that is unpreachy, thought-provoking, and so full of high drama that the audience with which I saw it gasped out loud a half-dozen times at its startling twists and turns.  Mr. Shanley deserves the highest possible praise: he doesn’t try to talk you into doing anything but thinking – hard – about the gnarly complexity of human behavior.” - Terry Teachout, WALL STREET JOURNAL

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