A 10-week program working with at-risk and incarcerated teens to produce their own Shakespeare play. Over the course of the program, the kids will rehearse an abridged version of a Shakespeare play using their own life experiences to relate to and create fully developed characters. Working on a Shakespeare play in a safe and supportive environment can give people a powerful voice to express complex emotions and open their eyes to sitiuations that mirror their own. Kids learn how to work together as an ensemble developing trust and communication skills, gaining self-confidence in their abilities and developing focus, perseverance, and patience.

This program is modeled after several other programs in the country that have been very successful at helping to rehabilitate teens through the collaborative effort of working on a Shakespeare play. The statistics regarding the recidivsm rate (rate at which prisoners are likely to commit a crime after being released) for participants of these programs is astounding. The national average recidivsm rate is 60%. After participating in these programs, that rate drops to 5.8%.

In partnership with the San Diego County Probation Department, Intrepid is launching this program at two sites this fall. The first two 10-week programs will take place at Camp Barrett, a facility for seriously delinquent males ages 16.5 – 18 years old, and Reflections, a day program for adolescent offenders 14-18.

“We know what we are but know not what we may be” - William Shakespeare

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Federal ID # 27-1653766.  All donors will be recognized in the program for our upcoming mainstage productions.